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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Smitten and Convinced

If you’ve followed my blog for long, you know that I was apprehensive when we first discovered Dear Child Number Two was to be a boy. I just couldn’t imagine mothering a little boy and longed for a second little girl. A friend consoled me by saying, “Just wait. After he is born, you won’t be able to imagine wanting it any other way!” She was right.

I have completely fallen head-over-heels in love with Dear Son just as I did with Dear Daughter. I have been having a lot of fun shopping for both of them, and have been trying to always include Dear Son whenever Dear Daughter gets a treat when we are shopping. Last weekend I took Dear Daughter to Walgreens with me. Walgreens was selling those big plush flowers that are brightly colored with a smiley face in the middle. I’ll post a picture in the future. They were at least as tall as Dear Daughter herself, and she was so attracted to them. I had to purchase one to decorate her room with. I decided I couldn’t get her a treat without getting one for Dear Son (who was at home with Dear Husband) so I picked out a little plush football and a little plush basketball for him. I know he’s not old enough to care or to even grab them yet, but I was still excited to give them to him. As I was putting together Easter Baskets the other day for the kids I had the same kind of fun trying to pick out little girl stuff for Zoe’s basket and little boy stuff for Zachary’s.

I had always tended to be annoyed at people when they commented to me that it would be great to have a boy and girl. Now that is exactly how I feel, along with the realization that God gave ME a special treat by giving me a little boy this time. And just as my friend said to me months ago, I really can’t imagine wanting it any other way.

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