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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Miss Vocabulary III

Dear Daughter just keeps at it these days...popping off phrases, that I have to admit, she has previously heard probably hundrends of times out of the mouth of yours truly. This time it was when Grandpa H was buckling her into her car seat. He was doing the usual routine of untangling straps and trying to attach the right buckle parts while Dear Daughter squirmed and wiggled and did the typical 2 1/2 year old thing. Finally Dear Daughter exclaims, "You're driving me nuts!" I immediately recognized that as a phrase I seem to frequently use with her as an effort to tease her while I try to take the edge off my own aggravation. Sort of a tension breaker. Yes, I must admit that her other recent statement of "This is a pain in the butt!" comes from me as well. And so did "Oh crap!" Take note that I quit saying, "Oh crap!" as soon as I realized I had a little parrot mirroring back my words and switched to "Doggone it!" which is something that Dear Daughter also now says at appropriate and opportune times. Dear Daughter is just so verbal and dramatic in her mannerisms. I just can't figure out where she gets that.

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Anonymous said...

This brings back to the time I was weeding in the garden and made a comment about the rabbits eating everything off and you came over to me and said what wrong with those damn rabbits. I had to talk fast for you not to tell Grandma Lehman about the rabbits. Uncle Randy was working on a tractor not far from us and you ask me if he was having trouble with the rabbits also! I guees what goes around comes around!
Aunt Pat