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Friday, March 24, 2006


Contentment is a sense of existence that far too often seems to elude people. Our culture tries to ensure this by suggesting that we always need to strive for bigger, better, more. From bigger homes to bigger cheeseburgers. From better cars to better spouses. From more money to more possessions. It doesn't matter what our culture keeps us longing for as long as we keep longing and never never find ourselves content.

Lately I most often find myself at reflective checkpoints throughout each day just thinking that I've got it so good that it would be pure sinful gluttony to even consider wanting bigger, better, more. I just don't think Life can be any bigger, better, more than it already is without spoiling it all. It's like a handful of chocolate kisses that fulfills a craving in its optimal dosage--but to consume the entire bag ruins the whole thing.

Each time I hold my baby boy in my arms, look into his endearing cherub face, and hear his peaceful sighs is pure satisfaction. Each time he smiles at me, giggles at my silly antics, coos and practices using his new found vocal abilities is Life as perfect as I could imagine. Each time my daughter offers me hugs and kisses, tells me I'm her "best friend," or sings me a lullaby is happiness in peak performance. Every silly thing she says, funny expression on her face, and goofy antic is yet another "best moment ever."

I have the two most beautiful children on the planet, a husband who loves me in spite of myself, just the right balance of work and motherhood with a career I love and enjoy, no material need that goes unmet--a beautiful home, cars that get me from here to there when I need to go here or there, and food to fill the all the bellies that live in my home. Anything bigger, better, more would be an illusion just like the ones our culture tries to sell on us. There is no bigger, better, more. There is only what you have in the present, and the perception you take on it.

I know I would not have come to perceive Life this way without the two littlest people (and biggest blessings) that live in my home. Something about having children just changes your perspective--for the better. In spite of a culture that tries to convince me otherwise, I do believe I am living Life in its optimal dosage. To get distracted by wanting anything more would most certainly spoil it.

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