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Monday, September 01, 2008

Photo Shoot

Dear Daughter finally got her five-year-old photo shoot. She LOVES LOVES LOVES being in front the camera. She always has. The photographer couldn't stop photographing her at her two-year-old sitting. Each time the flash went off, Dear Daughter would shriek, "That's ADORABLE!" at herself. Not much has changed since then.

Dear Son has never much liked the camera. Until tonight. He couldn't wait to get in the pictures and get posed up just so.

I thought doting family would be curious to see the pics, so hereyago!

I typically like to avoid the camera, which explains why there hasn't been any pics of me on this blog for over a year, and before that well over a year. This is prolly all you'll get of me for at least the next year.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of all of you!! Dear grandson has definitely lost his chubby, baby face (when I compare to the studio pictures taken in January). Oh, they grow up too fast!!! --- Hugs from Dear Husband's Mom

Ed (zoesdad) said...

She's a cutey pie! Fantastic pictures of a very handsome family.

smiles4u said...

Adorable! What sweet children you have...and what a beautiful family!

I too avoid the camera but have gotten better in the last few years. I decided if I want to have pictures of myself with my children and grandchildren for the later years in life, I better suck it up and smile for the camera. My kids still tease me though because they say that I look like I am in pain when I am getting my picture taken. So although I will suffer through getting my picture taken on occasion doesn't mean I like it!

Maternal Mirth said...

you're beautiful and as for Zoe ... maaaaan! Daddy has a gun, right?

CaraBee said...

Those are great pictures! Your children are absolutely adorable!

Jesse said...

I love all of the pictures which reminds me that I need to have my kids picture taken again.

Aunt Pat said...

Great pictures.
Love the dress on Zoe!
Thanks for the post.

MGM said...

M&M, no...Daddy doesn't have a gun. But there will definitely be a baseball bat in our home. I very solid one!

CaraBee...thanks for the compliment. I always say "It's a good thing they're cute!" especially on those days that I'm at my wits end and contemplating listing them on Ebay.

AP...We tried to put Zachy in the overalls that you got him that went with the shirt he is wearing in the pics, but he wouldn't have it. For some reason, he just won't wear overalls. I mean, he REFUSES! "NO NO NO NO!!!! DON'T LIKE IT!!!!!" Needless to say, we gave up!