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Friday, August 29, 2008

Conversations With My Son

Dear Son was my shadow as I wandered from bedroom to bathroom to another bedroom and another bathroom and then yet another bedroom putting away clothes and towels freshly folded from the clothesline. As he followed me through the master bedroom, he eyed the king-sized log bed and stated matter-of-factly, "I like Daddy's bed and Mommy's bed." I sighed as I thought of the past two weeks since that first night that we transitioned Dear Son from his crib to his "big boy" bed. There's not been a single night yet that he hasn't wriggled his way between Daddy and Mommy in the big log bed.

I replied, "Yeah, Mommy likes her bed, too. I also like Zachy's bed." Son responded, "I like my bed, too. (pause) Daddy go to sleep there, but then he goes away!? (his voice raised at the end almost like a question for which he can't quite figure out the answer). Indeed, his daddy does fall asleep in his bed with him while tucking him in, and then "go away" when he wakes up a bit later, leaving Dear Son to sleep alone in his bed.

I added, "I like Zachy's bed so much that I think Zachy should stay in his bed all night!"

And without missing a beat, he replies with, "Well, THAT doesn't make sense!"

"Sense" all depends on whether you are considering these things from a two-year-old mindset or a parent's mindset, now doesn't it?


Ed (zoesdad) said...

....THAT doesn't make sense....

I shall now continue to chuckle throughout the day! Smart kid!.

smiles4u said...

Oh the conversations with our little people...they are so darn smart and quick. You are correct on the making "sense" from the 2 year old point and the parent point. Get lots of practice now because there will come a day when you will be trying to make sense of a teenager and quite honestly, there are times, that they made more sense as a 2 year old!

Jesse said...

How cute and of course THAT doesn't make sense because they think our bed it sooo much better than there own. I'm finally back and I can't believe how long it's been and how much I have to catch up on. So has daughter started school yet?

Maternal Mirth said...

It's cute, but it still doesn't stop the strong desire to get some strong duct tape and keep him in HIS bed...


... if you didn't love the boy so much, right?