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Friday, September 05, 2008

The Point of No Return

Five years ago I had already begun to dread the day my firstborn would enter the gates of Kindergarten. She has now arrived.

Here are my darlings on their first day. They are beginning a once per week day of home school co-op. I was going to teach one of the four hours in my daughter's room, but plans changed. I handed her over that morning to the hands of complete strangers. I expected her to love the classroom experience, and she did. I also expected her to be the youngest in her class, at having just turned five years old a month ago. She is one of only two girls in her class, and the other little girl is actually three weeks younger than her. Both of them are apparently at the top of the class in their abilities. My hope is that they become kindred spirits, as Dear Daughter badly needs a little girlfriend. I'm just thankful that there is another girl in her class, as the main reason I got us into this co-op scene was for Daughter to build some friendships. I was disappointed to see four boys on the roster and only one girl besides my daughter.

I get to spend the entire co-op day in the 2/3 year old room. This is honestly NOT my cup of tea. I would MUCH MUCH rather teach college psychology. However, I don't have the time to plan lessons even for a high school level course at this stage of the game in my own life.

Dear Son did fine on his first day, but I'm sure this is largely because I was there with him the whole time. As soon as I got the kids home from school that day and got Dear Son down for his nap, I had to head to work. Dear Husband later told me that our son went to his backpack at least once that evening and announced, "I wanna go to co-op again!"

So far, so good. All except for the part about how my oldest baby has now crossed the threshold. *sigh*


smiles4u said...

Your baby has reached a big milestone and I am sure she loves it! Sounds like your son loves it too which is a good thing. Things change when kids start the school years but it's good takes time for us moms to adjust!

Maternal Mirth said...

I remember that feeling ... it gets better. Promise.

BTW I gave you an award ... a yummy one :)

CaraBee said...

Aren't they cute with their backpacks? Does it make it easier that they were so comfortable in their first days?

Blondie said...

Glad to hear you survived this new milestone, MGM! Trust me, Lego Boy is now in 2nd grade and I still don't want him in school! Princess Sunshine has until August 2009 before she heads to school; how I don't want that to happen either. They are amazing! (And so are you!) I've been meaning to comment sooner, but like you I've changed positions slightly at work and have been so busy at home. I don't have much time on the computer at home. Not even much time for my blog.

Aunt Pat said...

Where does the time go! They are growing up way to fast.
Cute picture.
Aunt Pat