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Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's "It" Now?

I haven't been tagged in awhile, but I guess I'm "it" again, thanks to Carabee. So here goes: Six Unspectacular Quirks about me. I really am curious why they must be UN-spectacular, though. I'm not sure how many of my readers don't already know at least most of these things about me, but since I have a few relatively new readers, perhaps this information will be at least mildly interesting to someone out there.

Per blog-tagging etiquette, here's the rules:

1. Link the person who tagged you
2. Mention the rules on your blog

3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours…

4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them…

5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Here are my six UN-spectaluars:

1. I like to mow the lawn with our big-ass lawn mower. I think the bigger the ass on the mower, the better. Five acres at a time is about enough, though. I also like to use the chainsaw and do manual labor like shovel rock off a truck. I've always wanted to learn how to run a backhoe and an excavator and any other heavy construction equipment. (Does all this information only count as one?)

2. I miss the mountains. And the snow. And the ocean. And the Northwest wildlife and scenery in general. I don't miss the cost of real estate, though.

3. I love whitewater rafting and camping and hiking and mountain biking. None of those things carry the same meaning since moving away from Idaho and Oregon.

4. I have a computer obsession with Tetris. I can't let myself play it unless I really want to be stuck on it for a good couple hours. There's just something about trying to fit all those little boxes and shapes into a perfectly locked pattern. This would be the reason I haven't allowed myself to play in months.

5. I can handle working with severely emotionally and behaviorally disturbed teenagers--even the "scary" ones and the ones who cuss me out and make hate statements to me on a semi-regular basis--but a room full of two and three year olds will fast send me into a nervous breakdown and render me completely stressed out and emotionally incompetent.

6. While I'm "only" 36 (and a half, UGH!), my hair in its natural state is white. It's not gray; it's white. I would estimate if I went completely natural it would be at least 50% white and make for quite the salt and pepper look. I once let my roots grow out about an inch and a half just get an idea of how it would look if I let it go completely natural. I was thinking that perhaps the teens I work with at the group home would think I look more distinguished that way (and maybe would quit cussing me out--lol, not really). But I took a poll from the teens themselves to see what they thought, and they unanimously agreed that it wasn't really working for me. So I color it every six weeks. I guess this "works for me" because I got carded recently when buying a bottle of wine, and if my emotionally disturbed teen clients ever find out my true age, they are surprised and think I am closer to 26 (as long as they were not on my caseload circa my salt and pepper hair experiment).

So who am I going to tag? Well, I'm going to annoy some with this, but I'll tag whomever reads this and feels like being "it." I've learned from experience that tagging sometimes irritates and annoys people, and that the people I tag often don't want to play anyway.

So thereyago.


CaraBee said...

I'm still fairly new at this, so I'm not up on the meme love/hate thing. Some people really seem to like them and others not so much. So, thanks for playing along! I do think it is interesting to find out tidbits about people.

btw - I also have a Tetris problem. I actually have a little handheld version that I bought at Target for $5 that I can sit and play for hours.

Sus said...

So I don't have a blog, I guess I techincally can't play, but as I love reading MGM's blog, I thought I would...

1) I've known MGM for half of our lives! (That makes us sound so old!) We met our freshman year of college and spent most of that year "living in the hallway" as we both had intersting characters for roommates.

2) I have owned 4 homes in 3 states in 10 years (IL, MO, NC, and now IL again!). We have a problem with not staying in the same place for very long!! I hate moving! I still have boxes from a move 10 years ago that have never been unpacked.

3) My brother and sister will both be in Beijing, China in August...My sister has lived there since last September. I love her tons and miss her more! Our brother will be in Beijing during the month of August, working for NBC at the Olympics...boxing venue, on a hand held camera. I love him, some, too!

4)I have an addiction to playing the Star Wars Lego Original Trilogy on our xBox 360. Minutes melt into hours...

5) I have two tattoos. I know, in today's world of full sleeve tattoos and crazy huge ear piercings (can they really be called piercings when you can see through them? YUCK!) this doesn't seem unremarkable. But, as MGM should know, I'm not really that "type." But I love my tats and really want another. The first one I got when I was 24, and kept it hidden from my dad for 3 years! It's on my uppler left thigh and is of the Notre Dame leprechaun (I grew up just miles from ND). The second is just 3 months old and is way not hidden! It's on the inside of my right wrist. Says "Believe" in pretty but not fancy script, with a jasmine blossom on either side (one for each of my children).

6) I lost my first dog, Blossom, 1 year and 9 months ago. She was 11. I still miss her today. Especially when I hear her songs...Blossom by James Taylor, and some crazy country song from the mid 90's about being in love with "you baby and I don't even know your name" that I heard on the way home with her from the pound in St. Louis.

MGM said...

Carabee, I just got a new cell phone. My husband, being the technomaniac that he is, was checking it all out and playing with all the settings (while I yawned from lack of interest). All I really care about is that it rings and I can answer it, and that I can call people on it and get a decent signal out here in the sticks. He hesitated to tell me that he discovered it has Tetris programmed on it. I think that was the only time I paid any attention to what he was doing with my new phone.

I'll never be bored waiting in a doctor's office or check-out lane or traffic jam ever again (so long as my phone is alive, that is).

MGM said...

Sus, you really should start a blog! All the cool kids are doing it! LOL!

I'm glad you played the meme, cause I totally would have tagged you if I could have.

Incidentally, I think your roommate won the "interesting character" contest. And I'm never moving again. I've only owned three homes in two states, but between 1994 and 2000 I moved nine times within three states.
I didn't know about Blossom dying. I remember when you got her, though. You remember my Frederick, right? He was 19 1/2 yrs old when he finally died a year and 10 months (almost 11 months) ago.

Maternal Mirth said...

You could always tag me MGM. I am game :)

MGM said...

M&M, You were in my top five before I weenied out and made it an open "tag." But okay, you're "it." I'll go let ya know over at your place.