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Friday, July 04, 2008


Dear Husband has resurrected the computer. This means my photos are once again loaded on the mother ship (desk top computer) and easily accessed via network on my personal laptop and published here.

I am few on words tonight. If you know me at all, you know this is a very rare occurrence. I won't explain why I have few words tonight, because quite frankly I don't feel like using up the words to do so. Instead, here are some pictures.

Dear Son riding his "motorcycle" with his "power" (squirt gun) tucked in his pocket.

The kids running down to the pond to look for frogs. Note that Husband has not got the proper mixture figured out yet in order to control the algae in the pond. You may not even recognize that the green thing that blends so well with the grass is even a pond at all.

Helping Daddy put together his new Father's Day present (a basketball goal).

Helping Daddy cook.

Some backyard soccer.

Forgetting that this was a soccer game and NOT a football game.

First experience playing miniature golf. Check out that mini mullet. We can't bring ourselves to cut that cute little duck tail curl at the back of his little blond baby head.


AP said...

Thanks for pics.

CaraBee said...

All so cute, but I love the helping daddy cook one! Daddies and babies are just the best.