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Friday, April 18, 2008


The rivalry between the two siblings that live in this house began about a year ago when Dear Son was the tender age of roughly 16 months. Over the past year, things have only gotten worse. Dear Son wants whatever his big sister has the second she picks it up. He screams, "No, Sissy! Bubby have it!", he hits her, he snatches said object from his sister's hands, and he is not easily re-directed to say the least.

Tonight as the family all sat together eating dinner, Dear Daughter decided she wanted a fruit and Jello cup, but her little brother had the last one on his plate. He hadn't touched it, so I asked him if he wanted it or not. He didn't seem to care about it all, so I suggested his big sister could have it if her didn't want it. Boy did that get a rise out of him! "No! No! No! No, Sissy!" he said as he covered it with his pudgy 28-month-old hand. Then he added for emphasis, "It's special!"

Dear Husband and I both snickered before commenting to Dear Son in unison, "YOU'RE 'special'!" He went on to NOT eat the Jello cup. He apparently didn't want it but didn't want his sister to have it either. In the end, "special" or not, it was big sister who got to eat it.


Student of Life said...

Oh my. I remember this with my brother and sister who are much younger than me (so much so there's almost a generation gap between me and them). Anyway, good luck getting through it. Now, I'm off to take your What Year Do You Belong In quiz. Good times.

Tracy said...

I can totally relate to this one! And since we've had the baby, my oldest will say "No Em, it's not for you, I want to give it to the baby." Blunt favortism. It's painful!
It's a good thing that dear daughter ate the jello. I was worried that your son was going to become attached to his special jello the way my son did with the acorn squash buddy!

Maternal Mirth said...

I have the same battle waging in my home. #2 doesn't want #1 or #3 to have anything of his, even if he has no need/want/desire to have it. It could be food, a toy a book or anything that is inherently "his". It's enough to drive a mommy insane, but you can relate :)