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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Your Stuff Is My Stuff

Sibling rivalry is in full force as the Bubster learns to hold his own and antagonize his big sister while he's at it. We tend to call Dear Son "You Little Stink" a lot these days!

In response to his Big Sis' tendency to grab her treasures and huddle around them when she sees Little Brother coming, Son has begun to retaliate. He now gets her back by snatching the things he knows she most definitely doesn't want him to make off with, and then he runs quickly in the opposite direction with a deep throaty "Ha Ha! I got you this time" laugh while she chases him and yells, "NO, BUB!" Then HE takes said item and huddles over it to keep HER from getting it back. I mistakenly thought 16 months of age was too little to begin sibling rivalry. *Sigh*


Mississippi Songbird said...

It gets
I'm enjoying your blog...

Dana said...

16 mos is definately not too young and it only gets better from here!