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Monday, April 23, 2007

This Little Piggie...

My Dear Daughter has never had much hair. It's also blonde, and not curly. For those that don't know what Husband and I look like, we both have thick dark brown (nearly black) hair, and mine is, by some freak of nature by God's sovereign design, curly. Following Dear Son's birth, both my obstetrician and her nurse commented (each in absence of the other) that Daughter "just doesn't look a thing like you, does she?" They are right. She doesn't. We would all wonder if I'd been hanging out with the mailman on the side if it weren't for the fact that during the first year and half of Daughter's life even total strangers told us she looked just like her daddy (otherwise known as my husband). That, and the fact that our "mailman" is actually a "mailwoman."

At any rate, Daughter is now pushing four years of age, and I've never yet been able to use hair accessories successfully in her hair. She didn't even need her first haircut until she was nearly 26 months old. She now has kind of scraggly hair that is rather thin and isn't curly, but isn't completely straight either. I can't ever figure out what to do with it and how to let it grow while still keeping it out of her eyes. Until this morning--when I discovered that Daughter has now arrived at a stage in which she can wear pigtails! I'm puzzled as to why I did not realize this sooner. Now, as we enter into the warm muggy months, if only I could figure out my own hair nightmares. I'm on the verge of pulling a Susan Powter, "Stop the insanity!" if only it, stop the insanity.


Anonymous said...

hey now, your curly dark hair is no freak of nature.
Your cousin Nick has hair the same color, curly,,and same length as yours!!
Lisa has wavy hair,,and her little guy has alot of curly RED hair. ADORABLE!!!

Qtpies7 said...

She's a cutie! She'd fit in at my house!
Have you tried SunSilk's line of hair products? I use the anti-flat, but my dd uses the anti-poof, there is also an anti-frizz. The shampoo and conditioner with the extra product work so well, it is worth the $3 a bottle, seriously!

Mrs. Flinger said...

I can't believe she's pushing FOUR. Wow.. 'cause I swear I identify with what you say so much that I forget you've already been through all of this part (where I'm at.. with the new boy and all) and well back in to "normal" life. Er. With quotes.

She's really REALLY cute. Nice job on the hair! ;-)

jesse said...

I just came across your blog on the mom blogs and I was pleasantly surprised at how close in age our children are. My little girl just turned 4 and my son is 15 months. Anyway your kiddos are to cute and I love the pictures. I can totally relate to the madness.