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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Springing Out in the Country

This is just a random pic of a rare moment when the wee ones are getting along great. They had discovered the latest Toys 'R Us ad and were beginning to construct their Christmas wish lists already.

In other news, we are enjoying the spring weather although it is flighty. We've had days in the 80's and days in the 40's. Regardless of a few transient cool days, the grass is really green and really long. We've mowed it twice so far this season.

We've also gotten started on some more cleanup in the woods. Not only did I get to drive the big ass lawn mower around a few acres of grass recently, but I didn't hit a single tree. We planted five new ones last fall, so my odds increased. I got that zero turn thing figured out well by now despite Dear Husband's anxiety over trusting the machinery to me. I also got to give the new chainsaw a workout. It occurred to me in the midst of all this that it took a lot of time and work. I had a hard time imagining what it would be like to live in an apartment building or condo in the city with none of this to do. I couldn't figure out what I would do with all my time!

Dear Daughter is having fun growing tadpoles in a jar in her room. We managed to fish a few out of the pond a couple weeks ago. We are having fun trying to identify all the frogs and turtles that live in the pond. We've decided that one of the types of frog is most definitely a Spring Peeper. We apparently have lots of those! We identified them from some sound clips on an Internet web site. They have a very distinctive sound. Early this spring they started their chirping and screeching and I noticed it even in the middle of the night. I thought they were bird and couldn't figure out why they were being so noisy even in the dark. Then we hypothesized that they were aliens stalking us. Their screeching is eerie, especially if you are outside in the pitch blackness when you are hearing them. There are two or three other varieties of tree frogs that I haven't identified for sure. There are also several very large blackish looking turtles. They are VERY shy and don't let you get within 100 feet of them before they dive into the water to hide. I can see them out of the picture window above the jacuzzi bath tub if I use binoculars.

We are also getting started setting up a garden. Nothing is planted yet, which is probably just as well as we are still getting cold enough to be near freezing once in awhile. The kids enjoyed helping Dear Husband set it up while I mowed Saturday. We'll have a vegetable garden and a berry garden to start with. Eventually we plan to put in a small grove of fruit trees. Here's a picture of the kids stopping for a drink. And pausing for a "rest."

Husband also got my new clothesline set up this weekend. We've had some perfect days for hanging sheets, towels, and blue jeans on the clothesline. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, but I'm looking forward to it.


Tracy said...

We've been putting the warm days to good use too. We've started our garden, planted a few more fruit trees, and Peter has almost successfully found every worm in the yard. Score!
We're in the process of buying a tractor which my husband has already informed me that I am not even allowed to sit on, nevermind drive it. I think I've got a good shot right?
And your pictures are adorable! I think we might have the same couch!

MGM said...

I will be posting soon about my son and his love for worms and frogs. All boy! I think our boys could be great buddies. We may very well have the same couch. I remember in one of your posts about Peter being sick there was a pillow in the pic with him that looked just like mine that came with the couch.

Maternal Mirth said...

God, I miss sundried bedsheets! Talk about the BEST smell in the world!!!

Student of Life said...

Wow! You're living my house-in-the-country dream. I hope to be doing all that some day.

Ed (zoesdad) said...

OK. So you use the zero turn and the chainsaw? Please have a talk with my wife!

MGM said...

Ed, send your wife over and I'll give her a few lessons. It's a great escape from screaming kids!

(I have a secret fantasy of learning to drive heavy construction equipment, too. Especially one of those backhoes. It just looks like too much fun!)