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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

My Dear Son likes worms. A lot. He has recently decided that he likes to hold the wiggly, slimy things in the palm of his hands, and once he gets a hold of one, he doesn't like to put it down. Last week he glommed onto one and decided to take it on a walk with us. He was riding his new training wheel bicycle (it has a handle for parents to "help") and refused to let go of his "wormy." He has figured out how to pedal his "motorcycle" (which is what he calls it), but he tends to only steer it when he is reminded to or when we almost go into the ditch. He had his "wormy" cupped ever so gingerly in his palm while he rode. He kept transferring it from one hand to he other until it finally stopped squirming and lay in his palm in a limp wormy pile. Then Son said, "Wormy taking a nap!" I didn't have the heart to inform him that no matter how gentle he tried to be with his "wormy," he had fondled it to its death. He held that worm for the entire mile long walk and then insisted he had to bring it inside with us. I managed to convince him that Wormy would be happiest if he could continue his "nap" outside.

A couple days later we had a tree frog on the brick ledge next to the front door. The kids both enjoyed looking at it, and then Dear Son started pleading to "Touch it! Touch it froggy!" The next morning there was the same type of frog on the ledge outside Dear Daughter's bedroom window and Dear Son kept insisting, "Froggy touch it!" He was not at all happy that I couldn't oblige him through the window screen. He and Daddy later went out to the pond in search of frogs for Son to touch.

So far neither frogs nor worms have made it into his pockets, but I'm waiting for it. I just hope I find them before they go through the washer and dryer!


northwestnative said...

Dear son has become quite the talker in the past few weeks hasn't he?

Just wanted to test this out.. you can post anonymous by selecting it while leaving a comment.


Maternal Mirth said...

He is just too cute for words! See what that country liv'in brings??? NATURE! And lots of it. Sometimes in pockets, sometimes not.

(Seriously, I am jealous. I really want some country. I am just going to deny it when asked.)

Tracy said...

Did you write this post about your son or mine? I swear you and I have the same boy! We have been working in our garden, getting it ready for the veggies (yum!), and I kept having to stop to find him worms. I must have found a thousand of them.

MGM said...

northwestnative, We need to teach your mom how easy it is to comment then. She's been lurking for almost three and a half years. Perhaps it's time for some comments? Hey, if AP can figure it out, surely Grandma M can!

Tan said...

Worms and frogs, huh?? Maybe there's a reason I was given a girl. LOL

Anonymous said...

We worked in our small garden yesterday, finally enjoying the spring weather and temps in central Illinois (but still battled the prairie winds!). I can honestly say that my son, age 6, loves to watch and hold worms. daughter, age 4, who is so into everything pink and purple and princesses, loves worms too! She kept asking for me to find her another one and another one! And giggled that they were tickling her hands when she was holding them. And it didn't matter if they were big or small...just that they were worms!!!