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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Early May Brain Dump

Dear Daughter has been enjoying her ballet and tap dance lessons. She got to do a recital with her class on a real stage behind real lights at a real theater as an opener for a real theater performance. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work!

It was pretty neat to have Great Uncle Ron and Great Aunt Pat come to see the recital, especially because they had to make such a quick trip so that Great Uncle Ron could get back home and get his corn planted. After they left, Dear Daughter was questioning why they had to leave so soon, and I explained that since Uncle Ron is a farmer, his job depends on getting his corn planted and it is really important. She responded, "I didn't know Uncle Ron is a farmer!" We've talked about this before, but apparently it didn't register.

Dear Son has been in this grumpy grouchy mood for awhile now. He's been a little stuffy in the nose and didn't eat well for a few days. He kept pulling monster "goobers" out of his nose and trying to hand them to us. I swear a couple of them were the size of dimes. He didn't have any other cold symptoms, so we are suspecting he has seasonal allergies. We apparently have some wicked stuff that grows in the woods around our house as we all seem to have some amount of trouble with it at various times, and so do many people who come to our house.

Dear Son's new phrase (to add to his recent collections of phrases such as, "No problem!" "Hey! Check this out!" and "That's cute!") is "I don't like___________!" You can pretty much fill anything in the blank as he said it about literally everything from the weather to his new sandals this weekend. Tonight he was feeling much better and apparently much more positive, as he finally started saying, "I like_____________!" about a few things. "I like avocados!" "I like you!" (which he said out of the blue to me in the middle of dinner), "I like birdies!" (about the hummingbirds buzzing about outside the kitchen window thanks to the new hummingbird feeder we put out only minutes before).

We are also debating the necessity of converting Son's crib to the toddler bed. It seems the other night, when he hit the apex of his grouchiness, he didn't want his daddy to turn out the light at bedtime. He wouldn't stop throwing a fit, so Dear Husband put him in his crib and turned the light out and shut the door. Son screamed more loudly and furiously than I think I've ever heard before. After about three minutes or less, we heard a loud thump and by the time we made it in his door, he was standing on the other side still screaming. The crib rail was up, and it hits him at least chest high, so he took quite a fall. He's never tried to climb out before, so I've been in no hurry to transition him. Unlike his sister, I am most positive that he will be a kid who will not stay in his bed at naptime or bedtime. Dear Daughter never tried to get out of her bed by herself until she was over three and a half years of age. This is despite the fact that we transitioned her into a twin bed at the age of 28 months as we needed the crib for her little brother.

We finished setting up the gardens in this weekend and planted our vegetables, so we're tired. Weekends tend to have the effect of leaving me longing for more days off. I think if weekends were four days long I would still want a couple more days. *sigh!*

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