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Friday, September 21, 2007

Outsmarted Again

Classic. Absolutely classic! As I described in my previous post, it seems not to matter if I pack our own Teddy Grahams from home when I take the kiddos to the Food Mart as Dear Son will spy a new box of Teddy Grahams on the shelf that he just HAS to have. However, today was a little different spin on the theme. I dumped the standard Goldfish crackers out of the SnackTrap cups before leaving the house and filled them with the chocolate chip Teddy Grahams Son pulled from the shelf at the Food Mart last Friday. I was thinking that since he had not had them since the last trip to the Food Mart, he would be delighted with them and this would prevent me from having to buy another box of overpriced overprocessed crappy snacks ala American style that would only get stale in the cupboard later (how something so processed and full of hard to pronounce crap can get stale is beyond my understanding, but I digress).

I then handed Son his coveted snack, which appeased him the first five minutes inside the store until he had to get down to find the lobster tank. After gazing at the lobsters and explaining yet again to my inquisitive son that lobsters are not "buggies," I strategically steered the wee ones in a new route to avoid the Teddy Graham aisle all together. I was all big in the head with how great I was engineering this whole shopping trip thing this time when Son starts shrieking, "Fishies! Fishies!" while delightedly grabbing a small bag of Goldfish crackers off an end cap and doing his happy dance. I shook my head in disbelief and considered dropping to all fours and banging my head on the floor, but I settled for pushing the Teddy Graham-filled SnackTrap out of the way so that I could place Son back in the cart with his bag of Goldfish crackers. That's what I get for engaging in head games with my toddler.


Student of Life said...

I have to tell you that nothing --NOTHING -- ever made me feel stupid...until I became a parent. Now, I feel stupid on a daily basis. I get out-smarted by my three-year-old before I even put my feet on the floor in the morning.

Tracy said...

I couldn't have said it better myself than Student of Life just did!
And I'm pretty sure that one of the additives that they put in the snacks is somethings that actually makes them go stale so that we'll have to buy more. If it weren't for that we'd still have the original first box in the cupboard.
I wouldn't have blamed you if you had banged your head on the floor. I might have done it myself.

raymond pert said...

Thanks a lot for coming over to kelloggbloggin' and looking at the pictures of me and Snug at the coast. You have made me very curious about what Christian college(s) you taught at, where you have lived in North Idaho, and when and why you were in Eugene. My email address is on my blogger profile page if you'd ever like to let me know.

I really enjoyed your comment a lot and can sure understand how you would have moments of longing for the grandeur of the PNW.


wacquiejacquie said...

Jedi mind tricks. That's what they do, from a very young age. I wish I had learned.