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Friday, September 07, 2007

Hanging On!

Is it just me, or is the 20 month mark a really trying age? I seem to remember this being an especially challenging time with Dear Daughter, but at the time I thought I was overstating things a bit as I was also just entering that stage of my second pregnancy where the hormones begin to RAGE!

Dear Son has always been a hot head. At five months Dear Husband and I thought Dear Son was teething something fierce as he would randomly scream and bang his head on the floor. We kept loading him up with Teething Tablets and Tylenol. Then one day my mother said to me, "Ya know, I don't think this is a teething issue. I think he's throwing little fits!" Throwing fits?!?! At five months of age?!?! And ya know what, I began to really pay attention to how these little rages came about with Dear Son. And ya know what else? I realized that my mom was right. My sweet baby FIVE-MONTH-OLD little boy was already throwing fits.

Anyone who has ever known my boy child knows he has him some strong opinions and he is entirely comfortable showing them. At twenty months his vocabulary is exploding, but he is not at all proficient at verbally expressing what it is he wants. Screaming and stamping his feet seems to be a good second option, at least as far as he is concerned. If his wants or needs are not catered to pronto, there is heck to pay. He is quite focused and does not redirect easily once he gets something in his head.

The good news is that I can end each exhausting day saying, "But at least you're cute!" And thank the Big Man for that one! His mile-wide toothy grin, infectious giggles, and slobbery kisses somehow melt me to the point of reassuring him that I'm convinced enough to keep him for one more day.

Keep bringing on the cute,'s the one thing that keeps me holding on some days.


Student of Life said...

Oh boy, do I know what you mean! Here's a funny thing about my that he has the words to express himself and he is learning some "coping skills" to deal with those hot head moments, it leads to some funny times. Now, when he can see that I'm about at my wits end with him, he'll say, "Mommy, blow out your angries! No. I think you have one more angry in there, Mommy. Take a deep breath and blow it out! Good job, Mommy!" Talk about melting the frustration away!

MGM said...

Student of Life,
Ha! Daughter informs me that I need a time out, and I reply, "Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Can I go to my room and shut the door and have a nice loooooooong time out? If only!

Tracy said...

It is often heard in my house, me yelling "You are SO lucky you're cute kid!" and that is the truth. I think that must have been the big guys plan, make them cute so that when they are driving you nuts, you still want to keep them. Think about it, if they had started out as a twenty year old man, we would have kicked them out the first day!