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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Happy Day!"

Daughter, at three and a half years of age, has just learned that she can get out of her bed by herself. She transitioned from her crib to a twin bed at 26 months of age. We needed the crib for her new baby brother and wanted to transition her before she associated it with the new baby. She did fine with it and has never gotten out of bed by herself, until now. She has a floppy stuffed duck that is bigger than she is that we tuck along the open side of her bed. We started that to prevent her from falling out. "Mr. Duck" still has to be tucked into that spot next to her. A couple weeks ago Daughter discovered that she can get out of bed and open her bedroom door. Now this is how she gets up every morning. I can heard a little thud followed by little feet racing across her bedroom floor and then the door opens and she comes barreling out to announce herself. This is quite different from how she used to notify us she was awake by waiting in her bed and calling for us to come in to her room.

This morning I was already up with Son and had just finished feeding him breakfast. I was letting Daughter sleep in as she was up early yesterday morning. I heard the telltale thump followed by the pitter patter of little feet. I headed up the stairs and started singing my goofy self-made "Good Morning" song to her as I went. Daughter stood at the top of the stairs looking much like a little imp, blinking and grinning at me, her eyes still puffy from sleep. She then stated matter of factly, "Happy day, Mommy!"

Indeed. A greeting like that is the best way to start a day out happy!

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Dana said...

Excellent way to start the day! Mine started out with my (almost) teenager saying "Don't talk to me." I remember thinking when my kids were younger that I couldn't wait for them to get older, now I wish they were young and cute again!