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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Brother Trap

Daughter does quite well dealing with her little brother, in spite of his tendency to get into ALL her stuff and bother her all the time. I know how she feels; he does it to me too. So I really can't blame her for trying to come up with creative ways to cope, especially since we don't put up with her pinching him. One of her tricks is to barricade him in the kitchen by putting stuff in front of the door. She has also learned to put things up high where he can't reach them. Trouble with that is that it no longer works since he is now figuring out how to climb on EVERYTHING and get whatever darn well he pleases. The other day I confiscated the bag of disposable shavers he got out of the top bathroom cabinet drawer, only to have to hijack him a few minutes later when I caught him running across the room with some sharp tweezers he excavated from the same drawer.

Several days ago Daughter was very irritated with her brother getting into her things and after a brief fit about it, she got real quiet and busy with some unseen thing. Son was equally quiet, so I didn't pay a lot of attention to what was going on. I was enjoying a few private minutes to read the mail. As all parents of small children know, when things get real quiet for very long, it is usually cause for concern. In spite of enjoying my peace and quiet, I forced myself to check in on the activity at the other side of the room where I could see only the tops of two little heads busy at something behind the couch. What I found was Daughter working diligently at some sort of contraption that involved strings and chairs and I think a deep pit underneath a secret flap of carpet to disguise it. On the other side of her contraption was her art tools that she wanted her brother to stay out of. Son was sitting right next to her watching her every move, appearing to study and analyze every angle of what was going on. "What are you doing, Smidge?" I asked curiously. "I'm making a trap for my brother!" she announced proudly.

Amused, I left them to their own and made bets with myself on how quickly Son would navigate his way around the "trap" to get what he wanted.

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