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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It really is different having a boy. He's already a daredevil and I need to ask my doctor for a prescription for Valium. Here's what he was up to yesterday. Remember that he's only been walking with confidence for a couple weeks.

Later that evening, he was up to this.

And I still can't explain how he got the bump on his forehead that was there when I got him up from his nap. He must be doing daredevil stunts in his dreams as well.


Student of Life said...

You're slightly ahead of me in the whole mommy gig as a whole, but my boy is a year and a half-ish older than yours. I totally know what you mean. I made the mistake of buying My Little Sunshine "Toy Story" as a reward recently. Well, my reward for that gesture is that he screams "To infinity and beeeee-yooooonnnnnd" as he hurls himself off of every surface he can climb up on. That's what Buzz Lightyear says when he's trying to fly. Oh, dear lord. What have I done???

Dana said...

Just wait until he turns 11 because whoever said raising a teenage girl is tough, has never lived in the same household with an 11 year old. Enjoy the peace now while you can!