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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The "Terrible One's"?

As I described in a previous post, Dear Son loves to do laps around the kitchen table, through the legs of his highchair, out the kitchen, around the great room, and back again. I learned that you gotta catch him fast on the camera because otherwise all you will get is the back of his head!

Dear Son just turned 13 months, and for the past 6 weeks he has been saying "done" to let you
know he is done eating.

He has also been saying "uh-oh" for the last several weeks and has said "more" a couple times to indicate he wants more of something he is eating. He has said "Hi!" on occasion as well. I've tried to teach him sign language since he was 5 months old. The only sign he does consistently is "done." Otherwise he points and grunts, "Uh Uh!" for what he wants or screams and yells to get you to pay attention to what he wants. It's making us all nuts. I won't give up on the sign language, but so far it's not helping much.

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