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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Have No Idea...

...what has been going on in the world of html. I know just enough about html (and PC's, and Microsoft software products, and the internet in general) to mess stuff up and get myself in trouble, and on occaision to actaully do something right.

To be certain, computers have come a long way since 1984 when I was first learning to produce graphics...which at that time took amazingly long strings of code to make extremely large pixel graphics. By the time I reached college, I was introduced to world of Wang computers and Apple computers and my first course in word processing. I first started to figure out Microsoft software when I took my first gig as an editor. I later faked my way into a job as an administrative assistant at a university and fortunately was to quick to learn a whole lot more computer stuff, including my first experience with email and then a student taught me to "surf the net." That was 1995. That was also about the time I accidentally got signed up on listserves and found myself flung through cyberspace into an internet chat room. I think I had to figure out IRC to get that far. It was pure accident. I really had absolutely no idea what I was doing. And that's where I eventually met my husband. As I said previously, I managed to know just enough to get myself in trouble. Ha! I later took another job as an administrative assistant and figured out how to write databases (it wasn't part of my job description, I was just bored).

Now I am married to a computer geek (the same one I accidentally met in an internet chatroom). We have too many desktops, laptops, firewalls, wireless networks, and assorted other stuff going on in this house. Husband knows a lot about a lot of stuff related to computers, but not necessarily a whole lot in the realm of html and web design. I'm largely on my own in this one, but he helps bail me out from time to time.

If you've tried to visit my blog lately, you have probably muttered, "What the heck!" just as I have. Okay, okay...I've said a few stronger words than that. I've been having lots of problems with my RSS feed, especially when I post something I've originally written in Word. Dear Hubby helped me resolve that this week only for me to discover the next day that my page was not loading at all. I eventually realized that half of the code for my template was missing! Huh?! Hubby assured me (and he is the computer expert after least that what they tell him at his job) that it was not due to anything we did to fix the feed. Simultaneous to all this, Blogger has been down for maintenance and now is "new and improved" and no longer using beta (don't ask me what "beta" is...I thought it was the Greek letter for "B," but I am thinking it has another meaning in this case). Once I managed to get the code restored to my template, I found each time I tried to post for the next 36 hours, there was a new glich.

But I've made my way back again. Barring any other major catastophies I will be back to the regularly scheduled program in between chasing my speed demon of a 13 month old son. While not quite walking on his own yet, give him a push toy to support himself with, and he is tearing up the house and wearing paths in the floors at breakneck speeds. His favorite route is around the kitchen table, through the legs of his highchair, out the kitchen, around the great room and back again. Over and over and over again. But God forbid he gets "stuck" somewhere and cannot immediately navigate his way back out as he has a one-track mind and hot temper. Husband quipped the other day that he definitely takes after both of us (my husband with the one-track mind and myself with the hot temper). Hopefully he will also take after both us with some additionally redeeming qualities. I'm guessing that "two" is going to be a tough year for us as intense as "one" has begun.

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