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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

One-Year-Old Entertainment

Here's a good action shot of Son banging away on the dishes while I'm trying to make phone calls. Check out that expression! He was SO into it. This was AFTER he "helped" unload all the clean silverware onto the floor. I've learned to let him do whatever occupies him whenever I need to take care of some business on the phone. This particular time I had to start the conversation with a disclaimer about the background noise and a request to please speak loudly so I could hear above the racket. One of his more quiet pastimes is unrolling the toilet paper until it is in a big pile on the floor and there's nothing left but the cardboard tube.

If you ever visit our house, keep in mind that the silverware is always dirty and you have to wipe with toilet paper that looks likes it's already been used. Just kidding...I do re-wash the silverware. Not much I can do about the toilet paper thing, though. Just be assured that it really hasn't previously been used for its original intended purpose...only for just-turned-one-year-old entertainment value.

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