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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

He's a Climber!

He may not be walking on his own quite yet, but he's climbing on his own quite well. I gave in to a great sale at the local Stuffmart a couple weeks ago where I bought this small train table for the kids. It came with a complete wooden train set, a full set of wooden alphabet blocks, and one storage bin that fits under the table. It was $20.00 well spent. Unless Dear Son cracks his head open by climbing on it. I have begun placing a huge floor pillow on top of it when we are unable to monitor Son with an eagle's eye. He's getting quite fast at this particular preoccupation.

Here's the setup. You can tell he's thinking about it...

There it is...the little leg comes up first...

...then he's up. I missed the shot of when he does his little happy dance up on his knees because he's so proud of himself. The parental scolding seems to have no effect.

Then he starts heading for any other object he can attempt to climb on or get into from his new height. This time he was heading for Dear Daughter's shopping cart. I don't know what he thought he was going to do with it.

He reaches...

...and this was as far as I could tolerate the observation and documentary before I fully intervened.
Note the crazy photograph angle as I was trying to get that one last shot while holding his target steady. I think he thought he was going to climb into the basket of his big sister's shopping cart. I am positive that would have never worked. It would have tipped over and he would have lost his balance and conked his little head on something and gotten very hurt. Instead, he was oblivious to the danger and pain from which I saved him and proceeded to throw one of his notorious "I'm so mad that I'm not getting my way" fits.

Have I mentioned that I am fully anticipating experiencing the terrible two's with this child? I guess that is my penance for largely escaping the terrible-ness of the two's with Dear Daughter.

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