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Thursday, January 05, 2006

They Lost the Photos

Zachary Noah's hospital photos have finally been recovered. We were told 5-7 days was how long to wait before we would receive them in the mail. Meanwhile, Dear Husband (who is MUCH more patient and tolerant than I) convinced me to be patient and wait. Afterall, it was the Holidays, he said...and mail would be slowed down. The hospital web nursery also did not have the photos posted. Finally, I could wait no longer. I called to complain that we'd not received the photos, nor were the web nursery photos posted. It was January 2nd, by the way, when I finally placed this complaint. I'd been plenty patient. "We have no record of them." The lady at the other end of the line said curtly. Then I was placed on a long hold. When the unpleasant woman returned to the phone, she said, "We need 72 hours to research this. Sometime after 72 hours, we will contact you." Oh brother!

Seems they've finally "found" the photos now that Zachary is almost a month old. At any rate, click here on "Zachary," and you'll be linked to the web photos.

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