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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Dear Daughter LOVES the new purple coat G Uncle Ron and G Aunt Pat sent her. We thought she would get to wear it yesterday as the forecast speculated on some snow. But no such luck, and today it is back to 60 degrees. The minute Dear Daughter put on her new coat, she had to run to the bathroom and climb up on the stool to look in the mirror. She spontaneously stated, "I'm an elephant!" Later when Dear Daddy came home from work, she couldn't wait to try it on for him and then revised her statement to, "I'm a heffalump!" (which is the elephant-like creature in the Winnie-the-Pooh stories, in case anyone doesn't know). She then had to wear the coat around the house for awhile and pretend to be a heffalump. We hope she gets a chance to wear it outside this year, although we are not sure how we will cram her into her carseat with it. Perhaps she will also be able to wear it next year. Hmmm....That's what I thought when I bought her a largish 24-month-size winter coat last year, and this year it has been a bit snug (which apparently was the impetus for G Uncle Ron to decide Zoe needed a new one).

Thank you, G Uncle Ron and G Aunt Pat! Zoe is also enamored by the "critters," which is what she calls the little teenie beenies you sent, and the outfits for both the kids are adorable as well. Leave it to G. Aunt Pat to find cute little boy clothes (complete with adorable shoes). I didn't think cute little boy clothes existed, but a few adorable little boy outfits have come our way, so while they aren't as easy to find as adorable little girl clothes, I have decided they do exist afterall.

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