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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


We figured out several days ago that Dear Son's fussies can primarily be blamed on gas. Dear Son is showing his gender loud and clear (Ha!). What is it about males and "passing wind"? Dear Daughter struggled with gas in the early weeks too, but she rarely brought up even a dainty little burp. Dear Son gets madder than a hornet until he's finally able to blow the roof off the house, followed by a big gratifying poop. This process usually begins about 4:30 am and extends sometimes until 9 or 10 am. The entire household is finally relieved when he finally relieves hinself. I do hope this is a short-lived phase.

We've finally gotten to the point with Dear Daughter that the poop discussions are subsiding. I wonder if, thanks to our return to the newborn and infant stages, we will find ourselves back there again? (click here for the original reference to this topic)

Yes, even without the obvious external genitalia, I would know this child is most definitely ALL BOY! Thank goodness for Mylicon--it doesn't solve the problem, but at least it takes the edge off!

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