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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Update on Zoe's Finger

The second lump on Zoe's finger has been shrinking since the second opinion we sought out. We followed up again on Monday with the orthopedist, and she indicated that given that the lump is half or less the size it originally was, she feels we should just wait and watch it. She recommended no further action unless it grows again, causes Zoe pain, or interferes with her fine motor skills. She did indicate we could follow up in another year if it does not appear to be completely gone to get another x-ray and ensure that there is no impact on the bone structure. She was not concerned about it being anything dangerous given that it is shrinking, has no discoloration, and is not painful. The original lump that has been diagnosed as a hemangioma has not appeared to change in size over the past couple months and is the smallest it has ever been for the longest period of time.

We appreciate everyone's prayers for Zoe and ask you to continue to pray with us that the lumps will both completely disappear and be entirely healed. We are thankful that we did not go through with the surgery and that at this stage it appears that surgery will not be necessary.

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