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Friday, November 14, 2008

Stoopid Holiday

If you've read me for long, you already know my feelings about Halloween. Nonetheless, the kiddos, for some very mysterious reason, are fans. So I got over myself, stuffed my own opinions, and indulged them.

Thank God that's over for another year.


CaraBee said...

How could you hate Halloween when they look so cute!

KenP said...

We, the committee for politically correct parenting must point out that masks with obstructed views are a sign of poor parenting.

Yes, madam, I realize that you never left the tykes side for a moment but once your government promulgates rules, they are forever.

But, you are correct that once I got everything there as you suggested, the sun did not shine.

smiles4u said...

As someone that is not a big halloween fan myself I get you and your reasons. Your little ones sure do look cute in their costumes though...and they look like they had fun. Yep, glad it's over too.

MGM said...

CaraBee, That's their only saving grace sometimes. Believe me!

KenP, Halloween is better when one cannot see it anyway. And as far as I'm concerned, the fact I even observed the celebration for the sake of my wee ones demonstrates outstanding parenting. I should have earned a freakin' medal!

Smiles4u, As I said before, the fact they're cute is what keeps me going some days...and what convinces me to tolerate Halloween in the first place.