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Thursday, November 20, 2008 the eye of the beholder

I dressed for work in the closet off the master bathroom in the same manner that I get dressed everyday regardless of where I am going, or if I'm not even going anywhere at all. I exited the closet and made my way through the master bathroom (because that happens to be the layout of our home), and passed Dear Son on the way. He had just awakened from his nap and was being my shadow, following me wherever I went. He waited, however, by the double vanity while I dressed myself in the closet, and then he watched as I passed by him in the bathroom and stated, "You look beautiful, Mommy!" in his sweetest little almost-three-year-old voice. I barely finished informing him of his sweetness when he added a little more sugar with, "You always look pretty, Mommy."

And this took the edge off his big sister's sentiments a few days ago that she was going to be sure to eat more spinach so that she wouldn't start looking like Mommy.


Anonymous said...

She's going to start eating more spinach?? What's THAT supposed to mean? Spinach as in salad, or spinach out of a can like Popeye? And this is going to make her look like what?? I got a good belly laugh out of her comment, that's for sure!!
Dear Husband's Mom

Ed (zoesdad) said...

What is it about little boys and their mom!

Maternal Mirth said...

Christmas IS fast approaching, no?

And Little Miss will be getting coal while Little Man gets a cornicopia of toys, right?


CaraBee said...

That might just be the sweetest thing I've heard all week.

MGM said...

Dear Husband's Mom,
Daughter loves her some raw spinach. She's been eating it with every meal. She likes to dip the raw leaves in ranch dressing. And apparently she thinks it will keep her looking slim and trim and not dumpy and frumpy like her Momma. And here I thought I was doing pretty good only carrying around an extra eight total pounds from pre-Daughter in 2003 until now.

Yeah. I think I'll keep him. I'll need him even more when Dear Daughter reaches those teenage years.

And apparently Mommy needs a membership to the closest fitness center.

It was the sweetest thing I had heard, too (clearly)

smiles4u said...

That was so sweet! That just melts my heart. Kids can say the darnest things and while it can be hard to not take to heart those that are not so kind, we have to remind ourselves that they may not mean the comments in the way that we take them. It's great that your daughter likes spinich though...I know I love it myself!