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Friday, June 13, 2008

Pics with Pete

Apparently the love affair is over, at least for now. Dear Son decided to go on potty chair strike. I'm not sure why the fickleness, but it feels like we are suddenly back to square one, so at least for the moment, ol' Pete sits neglected. *sigh*

Yes, that is a rocker "tat" on the boy-child's arm. Don't ask.

Oh yeah, and that's some chocolate at the corner of the boy-child's mouth. Apparently this pic was taken just after the last time that Peter got some attention.


LeAnna said...

Welcome to potty training "boy" style! Sorry! They do come back though.

MGM said...

LeAnna, you mean they come back around to the idea of doing their "thang" in the potty? I surely hope so. Exactly how long would you guess this might take?