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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Conversations from the Backyard Wading Pool

The kids' swimming pool is just big enough for Dear Daughter and I to float around a bit together. Dear Son doesn't have any interest at this time, so it tends to be just the two of us.

As we floated lazily yesterday afternoon in the hot June sun, Dear Daughter grabbed her toy sailboat as it floated past us and began to make believe a conversation amongst the imaginary crew that occupied it. As the little boat bumped into my side, the "captain" on board was overheard commenting to his first mate, "Man! That's the biggest beluga whale I've ever SEEN!"

Summer time and bathing suits haven't done much for my self esteem ever since I gave up starving myself so that I could fit my 5' 9" frame into a size 3. *sigh*


Tracy said...

While the conversation was adorable from your daughters end, I totally feel your pain!
The term balooga whale should never be applied to someone in a bathing suit!
I had to finally give in a go suit shopping this year and it was painful!

Ed (zoesdad) said...

I feel your pain. I dreaded seeing the familiar faces at the pool this summer and the inevitable questions, "So, what did you do all winter--besides eat?"

Mom o'Bean said...

Although painful, that is funny. My favorite is when the son of a friend of mine told his mommy that he loved her belly 'cause it was "all squishy!" I'm pretty sure my girl's first words are going to be something along those same lines.

Maternal Mirth said...

I am impressed at her vast marine mammal knowledge ... who knows 'beluga' at her age???

My son used to ask me why my thighs were so "jiggly" when I would slap on my suit. Nice.