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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Play-Doh faux pas

I've never done an anniversary post, but this one seems fitting in honor of the three year mark for this blog. Yes, three years ago today is when this blog was launched. It was my maiden voyage into the world of html, uploading and placing photos, etc. Three years ago, Blogger was NOT as user friendly as it is today, so I was tried in by fire. And check out what Dear Daughter looked like three years ago. And Dear Son? Well, he didn't even exist yet. Amazing how much things change and how quickly.

Now onto the real point of this post. Be forewarned, some may view this post as crass, but it wouldn't be first time I've been accused of that.

Why, pray tell, do the makers of Play-Doh even make this stuff in the color brown? I mean, c'mon. What does this lump of brown really look like? And you know what kids (okay, and maybe a few parents) all around the country are thinking when they play with brown Play-Doh! I mean, really, who can resist? It's just wrong.

The real kicker is that Dear Son always wants the brown. Honestly, he wanted the brown even before I busted up laughing so hard the first time he started mashing it around.

Here's how it starts every time:

Dear Son: "Play-Doh! Play-Doh! Booster! Booster!" translation is that Son wants to sit at the table in his booster and play with Play-Doh

Me: "Okay, okay! Play-Doh! What color do you want?"

Dear Son: "Brown! Turd! Brown!"

From the first day those "10 exciting colors" (that's what it says, right on the top of the box--"10 exciting colors") came to our house, brown has been Son's preferred color, followed by "blat!" which, of course, means black. What exactly is "exciting" about brown Play-Doh? Just look at all those color options that are certainly more "exciting" than brown, or "blat" for that matter.

Yeah, yeah, I confess; I giggled like a child at the brown Play-Doh logs my son shaped. I may not be as mature as you, Internet, but only because I actually said it. You know you were thinking the same thing but you were just too prude to speak of it.


Tracy said...

Happy Anniversary!
I should check when I started mine. It feels like forever ago!
And I love the playdough turds!

Jesse said...

!Happy Anniversary! I'm sure if we bought brown play-doh that David would have been the first one to roll it into a turd. And you're right what an odd color.