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Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Which Dear Son Learns to Generalize New Information

Since we already know from a previous post that I enjoy a few childish moments from time to time, I feel compelled now to confess of the apparent consequence of said childish moment. I seize every possible teaching moment with my children, and so this morning I was doing drills with Dear Son. Whatever object he picked up became a quiz about its size, shape, color, etc. He was running about the room practicing his 80 yard passes with his "hoffa" (which means football, and I have no idea why--he is capable of saying it ....s...l...o....w....l....y....: "foot. ball." but as soon as he puts it together quickly, it is "hoffa" again). At any rate, he was practicing his "hoffa" passes across the length of the downstairs playroom...and beaming a few off his sister's head in the process...and at one point I stopped him and asked him what color his football is. He stopped in mid pass and paused a moment to think before he pulled the football back close to his body and tapped it with his little baby index finger, and then stated with confidence, "Turd!"

Great. I've created a monster. Now Dear Son refers to every brown object as "Turd!"


wacquiejacquie said...

I can't quit laughing. That's really funny.

Thanks for the words of support on my post. Can you tell I'm a little annoyed by people blaming stuff on my 'hormones.' I read what you said to my husband. Especially the part about how it can two years to even out the hormones after the baby comes. I've never heard such a big sigh or seen such a big eye roll!!

Sus said...

Well I'm finally at your blog while at home...can read it at work but can't comment...wish I could, then I could send you my instant thoughts, giggles, LOL's that make my cube-mates give me strange looks...

Anyway, you're blogs are a blast! I look forward to logging on in the morning to start my day off with a laugh. Can your entries be from the same person I spent many hours with in the hallway too many years ago to put in writing?

Keep them coming! I love the strange looks at get at work!!!

MGM said...

I realized when I read your comment that I wasn't entirely accurate with what I reported my doc's not actually two years post-partum, per say, but two years post-nursing--if you decide to do that. So there's that. (a little potential extension for the hormone excuses)

I'm so glad you are stopping in and that you left a comment! How fun! Yeah...we spent a lot of time in that dorm hallway, didn't we? Those were some good times!

Dana said...


Bina said...

Now, that is one I hadn't heard before, and very very funny! Thanks for sharing.