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Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Indulgence

Here is the evidence that I indulged my children in some Halloween fun despite my disdain for the holiday.

Dear Daughter couldn't have been any more excited. She even won a costume contest (so what if she didn't have a lot of tough competition with only four other kids in her age group to compete against).

I knew Dear Son wouldn't last five minutes in a costume, so he just got to be a "puntin," which is how he pronounces it.

Off the topic, we are amused that lately Son has taken to shushing you if he doesn't like what you say. For example, if you tell him it time to change his stinky pants, he sticks his chubby finger up to his mouth and assertively states, "Shhh!!!!"

If he really doesn't like what you are suggesting to him, he'll go a step further and after the finger goes up to his mouth he'll say, "Shhh! Listen!!!!!" and then he tries to change the subject.


Dana said...

So cute! I think she could have won even if there were a lot more kids in the mix!

Poppy said...

Your kids look very cute. Son makes a perfect "puntin" :)

I love the story of his shushing people who say things he does not like. Too funny~

Mrs. Flinger said...

They're SO adorable!! Do all little girls have to be fairies then? LB was DYING to be one. Or Cinderella. More Taffita!

Tracy said...

To answer Mrs. Flingers questions, up until they are atleast five years of age, it is a requirement that all little girls be either fairies or princesses. That is the law according to little girls. Oh, and you can't "recycle" a costume. Even though she was a barbie princess last year and she wannts to be a barbie princess this year, they can't be the same one.
Your children are so cute. Peter wouldn't wear his costume either so he ended up being a skeleton because I had found a shirt with glow in the dark bones on it. HE called it his "bunz" shirt.
They look very cute and congrats to daughter for her win.