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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Daughter's Education in Action

Last Sunday Dear Daughter wowed her Sunday School teacher again with her vocabulary. They were apparently talking about sharks, and Daughter piped up with the information that sharks eat plankton and small fish. Her teacher thought it amusing that a just-turned-four-year old knows what plankton is and uses the word correctly to explain its function in the food chain. I was all proud, thinking that this was evidence of all the homeschooling I've done with her. I was recalling all the time we spent on underwater biology, and I knew we read about and discussed plankton.

Later in the evening I asked Daughter where she had learned about plankton. I intended to set her up to tell me all about the value of the education I have been providing her. I waited expectantly as she paused...and then she began with, "Well, on SpongeBob..."

It figures that I bust my rear to educate my daughter, and she attributes her education to SpongeBob. The other adult in this house is responsible for that particular part of out children's education.


Dana said...

At least she didn't tell her Sunday School teacher she learned it from SpongeBob!

Tracy said...

That is priceless! If I had known that homeschooling included making the kiddos watch Spongebob, I totally would have been doing it all this time! teehee
Atleast you, as the mother, know the truth.

Student of Life said...

I guess we moms will eventually learn that we will likely not get any of the credit for their wonderful attributes, but we will get the credit when they're talking to their therapists about their dysfuctions later! Hee, hee!

MGM said...

Student of Life,
Yeah, the only thing worse is the fact that I AM a therapist!