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Friday, October 19, 2007

Boy Stuff

Dear Son absolutely LOVES tractors. He has this Little Tikes one that he has figured out he can wedge his butt in between the bar on the back of the seat and the smoke stack on the hood and then pull himself around the house on it with his feet. We think he needs a larger one to ride on, what do you think?

It's interesting for me to watch the gender differences Son displays from his sister at this age. Son is ALL ABOUT lawn mowers, heavy equipment, power tools, tractors, dump trucks, and bugs and frogs. Daughter never thought twice about any of these things at his age. She liked to wear hats and jewelry and carry matching purses everywhere she went. I'm not aware of encouraging either of them towards stereotypical roles and have tried to encourage them in whatever they are interested in. It's intriguing to consider how they develop these gender differences in their preferences.

Here's Son on the big ass lawn mower. I'm thinking we oughta let him take on the task next spring.


wacquiejacquie said...

I want to squeeze him and play in the dirt. These are some seriously priceless photos you have here. They will great at his graduation one day! LOL

Dana said...

I'll bet he'll be up for the task by then!

Anonymous said...


How cute is that!!!

I would totally set him to helping with the lawn next summer :-D

Tracy said...

One thing that amazes me about boys is their determination. Your dear son was so determined to drive a tractor that he squished his tiny little tushy on that little one.
I'm the same as you, after having two girls who are into all things frilly, shiny, rhinestoned, and dressy, I'm amazed that my son doesn't like any of these things even though he's surrounded by them. He's happy with a soccer ball or watching a grasshopper jump through the yard.
I think it's programmed in their dna.
Those really are great pictures. You have a beautiful son!

Student of Life said...

It's totally innate. Seeing the differences in male and female toddlers makes the nature vs. nuture argument for me. Of course, my ball throwing, car driving, puddle-jumping little man also likes to pretend to be Princess Fiona from time-to-time. My husband loves that. Loves it.