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Sunday, November 18, 2007

"Boo Boy"

The bittersweet is back. Son likes to be just like his sister, and so he has recently decided that he want to play with play dough at the table while sitting in a booster seat just like "Sissy." I purchased one for him that is just like his sister's (to avoid the battles they tend to have over who gets what when) and we used it a few times when he wanted to do play dough. We've still used the highchair for meals. Tonight, however, Son asked to use the booster chair at dinner time. He looked so precious sitting up at the table in a regular chair. I asked him if he thought he was big stuff and commented wistfully that he is getting to be a "big boy." He replied, "Yeah! Boo boy" and repeated throughout the meal that he is a "boo boy." I felt that knot in my stomach that always means that I am about to be required to come to terms with how fast my babies are growing up.


Tracy said...

Isn't that the most painful thing? I remember when we sat Peter at the table in a booster. It's funny how something so everyday as a high chair can inspire so many memories.
I feel for you. Get your cry out. You'll feel better!

Dana said...

I hate reality. Especially when it sneaks up behind you and bites you in the backside!