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Thursday, June 14, 2007

18 Month Milestones this will probably be a really boring post to anyone who is not a doting relative, but I had to post an update on Son's milestones. I noted from a post long long long ago, that when Daughter was 17 months old, she had a growing vocabulary of about 50 words and was beginning two word phrases. This prompted me to make the same type of notes for Son. He just reached the 18 month milestone yesterday, afterall.

Here are the words Son is currently saying (some have been in his vocabulary for a couple months, and some are really recent):

Momay (Mommie)
Baybay (baby)
Bubay ("Bubbie)
Sisshsish (sissy)
duh! (done!) also sign language
mo (more) also sign language
moowww (meow)
mi (milk) also sign language
dow (down)
jow (juice)
Uh oh!
Lou Lou (the nieghbor's dog)
wa wa (water)
nose (can point to it)
eyes (can point to it)
show (tv show)
hello (which sounds more like one syllable)
noonles (noodles)
lello (yellow)
ha (hat)
ope (open)
hel (help)
he can sign for "bath"
Grandma swears he said "Want down!" a few weeks ago

He also began blowing kisses several weeks ago and can now give great pucker up "slobber kisses."

So thereyago!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! It's amazing how quick they pick up words!

Tracy said...

This is so great! Our sons are only four months apart and I'm loving all the new things that are happening. I've taught him sign too which has been so helpful! I only wish I had known about it with the first two!
Congratulations on your milestones little man!

Maternal Mirth said...

Mmmm ... slobber kisses! I especially like the ones where they lean in with an open mouth.

:) M&M

Jesse said...

Awww I can't believe all the words he's saying. Mine still babbles but he does say things. But you know with Sweet Pea he's lucky to get even one word in.

Mrs. Flinger said...

I wish I could keep a list of words as they turn up. It's so neat to have that documented. You'll love this later. :)