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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Self-Esteem Boosters

I'm wondering how many points I have left to get me through the next 14 years. The way things are going, I'm afraid I've already spent them all!

I took two trips down and back up the stairs tonight in the process of trying to get Daughter to bed. I already forgot what the first trip was for (see what I mean), and on the second trip I took an item back up the stairs with me that I had just brought down the stairs on the same trip, and it wasn't because I couldn't decide if it belonged upstairs or downstairs. I was irritated with myself and grumbled about it under my breath. Daughter inquired about my grumbling, and I replied that I had just done something dumb. Daughter replied with, "Oh. Well, that's no surprise!"

Good thing my self-esteem doesn't rely heavily on my daughter's opinions since from her perspective I am both fat and stupid.

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Tracy said...

I can totally relate or sympathise whichever you need.
I've been told that my daughter loves me because I'm "squishy", once when I didn't shave my legs I was told (by same daughter I might add) that she liked my "fur" and one evening when cooking dinner, the smoke detector went off and both of them started running into the kitchen yelling "yay, dinner's done!"
Aren't kids the best for our egos? I mean, we became squishy by letting them grow in our bodies, it's hard to shave your legs when little monkeys keep interupting your showers, and I have no excuse for dinner. I just can't cook.
Hope I made you feel better or atleast not alone!