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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Backwards Compliment?

Dear Daughter: "Mommy, I think you are looking thinner!"

Me: (Trying not to get too excited. Daughter is only three years old, after all)

"Really?! You think so?! Why do you think that?" (I had to poke further to see if she really knew what she was talking about.)

Dear Daughter: "Well, because your belly is not sticking out so much as it used to!"

Me: (Unsure of whether that made me feel better or worse than before I decided to probe the issue)


Dear Daughter: (Apparently feeling that she needed to add more since my response was rather flat and unemotional)

"Yeah! And that is really UNUSUAL!" (she put a lot of emphasis on "UNUSUAL!")

Me: (probing some more out of desperate hope that she wasn't correctly using the word "UNUSUAL!")

"What do you mean that's UNUSUAL?"

Dear Daughter: "Well, it is UNUSUAL that your belly is not sticking out!"

And thereyago.

On the other hand, my ego has also been boosted this weekend. You will see on my sidebar that I'm PROUDLY showing my recent nomination badges. Okay, so I only have one vote so far. But since I never get voted for, and I never win anything, this may be as close as I get to a moment of fame. Thus the proud display of my nomination badges. Like I said before, I'll never be Prom Queen. And I didn't start this blog with the intention of being popular or competing for anything. But hey, at least ONE person (who's not a relative) likes me enough to nominate me! And she's someone I feel honored to be nominated by. Her blog is great, and she has a much bigger ring of groupies than I do. If you haven't already done so, you really should go visit her. Or better yet, vote for her.

Thanks, Mrs. Flinger, in spite of my belly sticking out, you made my day! (I know your belly sticks out too, by the way...but at least it's SUPPOSED to!)


Dana said...


Mrs. Flinger said...

Somehow I missed your Prom-Queen post back in March. I think that was during my "OMG, I"M DROWNING IN WORK" month. yes, yes it was. dang.

Anywho... first of all, AMEN to THAT post and you know it's not about being popular: it's about being you. And I LUFF you. I've had to come to grips that I'll never win a big ol' blog award or even that I can keep that many readers (comes in waves) but I'm pleased as punch when I find someone I love reading and have things in common with.

I just said "pleased as punch". See what you make me do? ;-)

jesse said...

One day my daughter said that she loved my squishy belly-OUCH! Oh well I'm going to start working on that but hey congrats on the nominations.
Oh and I'm tagging you, so if you would be so kind to check out my post I've Been Tagged-I know original-it explains everything. :)

Tracy said...

I came over from Peas And Monkeys and I love your blog! Congratulations on your nominations. You're gonna get a vote from me!
During the winter, I hadn't shaved my legs for three or four days and my five year old daughter said "Mama, I loooovvveee your furry legs!"