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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

'Snot Over Till it's Over

And when, oh when, will it be over? It's been more than two years since anyone in our home has been sick. But for the past several days the snot has been flowing freely. I kinda hate to complain as I will take snot over puke any day, but this is getting ridiculous! Fortunately Dear Husband and I have remained well, but Dear Daughter got it bad. She ran temps of at least 103 degrees for a day or two and had a few days when she didn't leave her bed or the couch. She's been wiping her face so much that she is practically drawing blood. It's pitiful.

Dear Son got a minor version of it, but combined with the trauma of hatching first year molars, it's not been fun. Husband and I have been awake more than asleep the past several nights between the dueling snot monsters. Son slept through the night last night, which was blissful for me. He woke up happy and was smiling and talking to himself when I went to his crib this morning. I'm not sure why he was so happy, as he had a huge plug of brown crusty snot dried around both his nostrils that was so solid that he couldn't possibly breathe through it. As he grinned at me, I stood over him in total shock. I couldn't decide whether to be more amazed over the largest dried booger I'd seen in my life, or the fact that Son was so happy despite having the largest booger I'd seen in my life dried firmly to the end of his schnoz. After the shock wore off, I was able to think clearly enough to pry at one end of the thing until it popped off. I swear I heard Son gasp for air the second his nostrils were freed. I considered entering the thing in the Guinness Records.

I will be thrilled if we make it at least two more years before having to contend with this much snot again.

Here's a couple pics of Son before the big booger wars started. Poor thing will never live down following in the footsteps of a big sister. I need to get him some blue sunglasses.

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