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Monday, February 19, 2007

Tinky Winky is Back...Uh Oh!

I have a confession to make. After introducing Dear Daughter (albeit accidentally) to the Teletubbies a couple years ago, this time I did it intentionally with Dear Son. It was a desperate moment. Either I was going to go nuts from the whining of a very hungry toddler who was not at all being patient for his lunch, or I was going to have to employ my new kitchen tv for purposes other than those it was originally intended. Dear Husband got me this television so that I could catch the news at least once a day while I am elbow deep in meal preparation or clean up. Since we do not receive digital service on it, the viewing choices are limited. If I was not going to watch the news, my other choices were either Teletubbies or Jerry Springer. So really, I made a good choice from that perspective. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, the Teletubbies worked. Son is now a big fan of the Teletubbies and claps along to the goofy theme music. Husband is not especially amused by this.

Yes, that's Son in the picture above. He discovered bending over and looking between his legs, and since he thought it was great fun, he does it frequently. While I'm on the topic of amusing things Dear Son is currently doing, here's a picture of him wearing the ring from my springform baking pan. He disappeared into the kitchen last night and apparently rummaged around in the cupboards for awhile before reappearing with this baking ring around his neck. And yes, I know those are lavender pajamas. And yes, I have been admonished by others that dressing your boy in lavender is taboo. But I reasoned that these are only pajamas, and no one will see him in them but us. Unless, of course, he is wearing them when he does something cute that requires us to record the event and publish it on the Internet for the entire world to see. I can't help it that he is growing like Paul Bunyan gone amok and I can't keep clothing in stock that fits him. And I can't help it that his older sibling is a girl. I dug this out of his big sister's hand me downs. So sue me...I thought lavender was a better choice than pink. And no, I'm really not concerned that my boy is watching Tinky Winky and wearing lavender. I'm not even concerned about the fact that he tends to play with Big Sis' dolls more than she does or that he likes to wear her jewelry. Although one day he will probably not be happy with me for discolsing all these things. He's redeemed by the fact that he is also built like a quarterback (or at least how you would expect a 14 month old quarterback to be built) and loves his footballs and basketballs and hammers and tools.

And while we're on the topic of hammers, here's a redeeming shot of him whacking the living heck out of his ball pounder. How's that for budding testosterone? He likes to stack the balls on top and then whack the heck out of them as hard as he can. He can pound those babies in quicker than you can blink. And you better steer clear because he's no respecter of body parts or fingers that may be in his way when he is going at it. Can you see that grimace on his face? All boy, I assure you!

Lastly, lest you think I forgot all about my charming firstborn, here is a beautiful portrait of her. I have also updated my photo galleries for December, January, and February, so click away if you are interested!

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