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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Neat Toddler Tricks Revisited

Several weeks ago, Dear Daughter was "helping" me with the laundry. She had herself buried waist deep into the drum of the clothes dryer trying to grab socks when I asked her a question. Without poking her head back out, she answered me. She was more than entertained by the neat
echo that produced. Now every time she helps with laundry she loves to lean into the clothes dryer and holler or shriek out random words to
hear the echo. Sometimes she'll say, "Mommy try!" and she won't give up until I find myself stooped over with my own head in the dryer hollering. Isn't there an old song with a few lines of "They're coming to take me away, ha ha! They're coming to take me away!" I think I hear them coming for me.