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Sunday, June 25, 2006

He Doth Have Expression!

Here's a few especially for Great Aunt Pat, who reportedly hasn't seen enough pics of Little Bubby when he is not scowling. See, he really does have moments of intense animation. And he likes his new orange plaid hat, too!

I forgot to post the new "specs" on Zachy's current size as of his 6 month check-up a couple weeks ago. He is now 18lbs and 10oz and 27.75 inches long...and growing. This puts him in the 90% for length and 75% for weight. He fills out his 12 month clothing nicely. A couple mornings ago in the wee hours, I scooped him up to oblige his early a.m. feeding and it really hit me how big he has gotten.

He is eating three solid meals each day now (on most days) and I am beginning to introduce a cup to him. He still rolls when he wants to go somewhere but is showing the first signs of crawling via scooting backwards (not at all unsimilar to his big sister at about this age).

Speaking of his big sister, here she is hamming it up in her typical cutsiest pie way. Is she "All Girl," or what?

She is also loving the way her little bubby looks at her with amusement and adoration these days, so she has new reasons to show off. Any time she enters the room (which she can never do quietly), he stops everything he is doing to grin at her and watch her.

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