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Saturday, June 10, 2006

More -Ism's Zoe Style

Dear Daughter has taken to teaching manners to her slightly older peers. At the library this week there was a rather obnoxious boy of about 6 years old playing at the Thomas the Train table, where Dear Daughter was also playing. He had a few loud outbursts of "All aboard!" as he played. Dear Daughter stood looking at him with concern. She then pressed her little index finger into her nose, leaned towards him and loudly said, "SHHHHHHHH! Use your quiet voice!"

Later the same day, the 5 year old neighbor girl, "Ottoman" came over while Dear Hubby was washing the car and Dear Daughter was "helping." Dear Hubby was amused that at one point he overheard Dear Daughter say to Ottoman, "Are you being naughty? Do you need to think about it?" Ottoman does tend to be lacking in manners and age-appropriate social skills, so Dear Daughter was probably right on about whatever it was.

And this last quip strays from the manner-teaching theme, but is amusing, nonetheless. At the local Stuff Mart this morning, Dear Daughter was perched in the seat of the shopping cart watching the checker whip our items across the scanner and bag them. Whip, bag, whip, bag, whip, bag. She was definitely fast and efficient. After several minutes of watching all the hubbub consisting of whipping and bagging, Dear Daughter mused aloud, "She sure is being busy, isn't she?" I was greatly amused at this quip, as it is a statement Dear Hubby and I have been known to say to her when she is really into something she is doing that involves lots of body movement. The checker, fortunately, was quite amused herself.

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