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Monday, May 15, 2006

More on Grandpa and Grandma's Visit

Here's a little more about Grandpa and Grandma M's visit. Not sure why both the wee ones have such blank looks on their faces in this picture with Grandma.

Dear Daughter got unlimited one-on-one attention all week with Grandma and Grandpa captive in the house. We didn't get out much due to the fact that it rained and rained and rained and barely reached 60 degrees most days. There were many daily tea parties with Grandma and Grandpa. Boy did Dear Daughter ever love hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma M for a whole week! She doesn't get the same undivided attention from Mommy, especially now that Dear Son is also in the picture. She never complains, but I can sure tell she misses all the attention from last week. Prior to Grandpa and Grandma's visit, Dear Daughter had gotten quite good at entertaining herself for some good stretches of time. After all the attention from Grandpa and Grandma last week, she now wants Mommy to take part in every minute with her just like Grandpa and Grandma did.

Things are a bit sad and a lot empty feeling around the house today. I'm used to having several extra pairs of hands and lots more commotion around the house. Whereas I usually like things quiet and I generally like to be alone, today I feel lonely in spite of having both the kids (who are both down for a nap at the same time today!) I also am having trouble processing some different emotions. I have a wonderful Mother and Father-in-Law, and it was so great to see Dear Daughter enjoy their company all week and they hers. This was only the third time they've seen her (and the first they've seen Dear Son). Last time they saw Dear Daughter, she was about 14 months old and was a real Momma's girl and too shy to thoroughly enjoy Grandpa and Grandma's company. I keep feeling a haunting sense of grief tug at my heart when I think of the day that Grandpa and Grandma M left and they each held and cuddled Dear Son one last time before he went down for his nap. They would have to be at the airport before he awakened again. Later Dear Husband told me that as he and Dear Daughter left the ariport, leaving Grandpa and Grandma to board their plane, Dear Daughter said, "I love doing things with Grandpa and Grandma!" My heart broke again. I so deeply wish that we could have regular and frequent visits with Grandpa and Grandma M and that they could see their grandkids grow up on a daily basis and that their grandkids could enjoy Grandpa and Grandma's frequent presence in their little lives.

We love you and miss you terribly, Grandpa and Grandma M!

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