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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grandpa & Grandma M Come to Visit!

We had a great week with Grandpa and Grandma M visitng from Oregon. Dear Daughter kept them very very busy. I will post some highlights and pictures over the next few days. Here's a little intro...

Grandpa and Grandma arrived on Saturday and couldn't wait to get their arms wrapped around their "Grand-kiddos"!

Dear Daughter got Grandpa busy drawing water towers right away. It's a bit of an inside joke, and yet there really isn't a lot more to say other than Grandpa doesn't have water towers in the part of the country where he lives. Thanks to Grandpa's fascination of these structures (and a bit of teasing on the part of Dear Husband), Dear Daughter now excitedly points out all the water towers whenever we go for a drive.

This was our trip to the park on Sunday. Dear Daughter is practicing her "Princess wave."

And this is the Princess in all her glory. We were on our way to get professional photos taken. This was Mommy's first attempt to curl Dear Daughter's hair. Incidentally, it was pouring rain all day and we got drenched trying to get everyone in the car on the way to the photo studio. Also, before leaving home for the photo shoot, Dear Son ate vigorously and then promptly threw up all over his AND Mommy's picture clothes. We were already late, as seems to be usual custom with two wee ones. By the time Dear Son and Mommy got changed into fresh clothes, we were mega late. The photo shoot was hectic, and we didn't get to spend the time we wanted as the photographer had another group already waiting. The stress alone made for a few good memories, though.

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