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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Zoe is enjoying her own sunglasses these days, thanks to Great Aunt Pat. But she doesn't like to put them on and leave them for long. They have to go on and off and on and off and on and off. When she puts them on she says, "Cool girl!"

She is also entertained by the odd lightsaber spoon that Great Aunt Pat's friend, Donna, sent and the "rubber duck" (which Zoe is saying quite clearly) that G Aunt Pat sent.

Zoe also loves the new puppy and puppy carrier that Uncle Jowell and Aunt Lisa gave her on our recent trip to visit family. She likes to put him in his "house" and feed him the bones and cookies.

Thank you for the fun gifts.

I think Zoe got the connection between the priority mail boxes and G Aunt Pat and G Uncle Ron on our recent visit to see them. At least she remembers them well since we got back home, as she point to their picture on the wall and says, "Pat and Ron." She also points to both Great Grandma's pictures and clearly states, "Great Grandma." She hasn't figured out Uncle Jowell's picture yet, though. I think she still isn't sure what to think of him.

There's been a couple of times at bedtime that I told Zoe that Daddy and Mommy and everyone else were going to sleep too. Now at bedtime she says, "Daddy sleeping...Mommy sleeping...Pat and Ron sleeping...Grandma sleeping...Freggit sleeping..."

Zoe is also able to point at Grandma and Grandpa M's pictures and say "Nana and Papa." She recently found a bear that Nana and Papa sent her for Valentine's Day when she was four months old and I told her that Grandma and Grandpa M gave that to her, and now she picks it up and says it's from them and then points to their picture.

I just wanted family who live at a distance to know that Zoe knows who you are.

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