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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Mother's Day

This was Zoe and I on Mother's Day. She is wearing the adorable purple outfit complete with the "purple princess shoes" which, unfortunately, she can no longer comfortably wear. It's not the best shot of me, though I love Zoe's expression. We had just learned of Zoe's great grandpa's death the day before and were scrambling to run errands and pull things together to leave town for the funeral.

I've had some trouble the past few days getting photos uploaded and posted to this blog site. My photo blog site did an upgrade and now I'm having to re-learn everything. Also, I am noticing that the previous post has much poorer photo quality. Between Zoto's upgrade and Brian wiping my laptop and re-installing everything to fix some other problems I was having, this has all been a royal pain in the you-know-what. I hope I'll get it all right again soon.

Please remember that you can click on any photo posted to this blog site and it will take you to my photo blog site on Zoto. While I post many of the photos from there to here, I don't post all of them. After a couple weeks, I try to organize the newest photos into subcategories, so you will then have to click on those directories to see photos.

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