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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Zoe Pics and Quips

Zoe loves getting mail! Thanks to everyone who sent her letters and treats for Valentine's Day. Zoe's Great Aunt Pat managed to find her another notoriously unique gift in the trademark color purple. Zoe was fascinated as she opened it. She peered into the box and exclaimed "Monkey!" before pulling it out and then she changed her mind and squealed "Bug!" She later modified it and pronounced it (correctly, I might add) as "Purple Bug!" Great Aunt Pat and Uncle Ron also sent a rather noisy book of pets each making their own pet noises. Zoe loves this book! As you can see in the above photo, she is concentrating hard on singing along!

Zoe gathered a few greenbacks from endearing relatives for Valentine's Day and added those to the stash she's collected over the past few months. Many of Zoe's doting family members tend to find any excuse to slip her a gift, treat, or $5 or $10 bill. She saved enough up to pay about half the cost of a new red wagon she's had her eye on (Mommy and Daddy matched her contribution). Zoe is having a great time riding in her new Radio Flyer. Pictures of this are yet to come, btw. I am back to walking my two mile loop on warm enough days while Zoe rides in the wagon part of the time and walks with me the other part. She can't decide which she enjoys more (riding in her new wagon or walking) but judging by the squeals of excitement, I'd say she is enjoying either choice. She also loves to run tumble bumble around the grass in the backyard, squealing, giggling, yelling, dancing and twirling. I think this little girl is going to love spring!

Zoe wishes to thank everyone for making her Valentine's Day extra sweet!

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